About Us

Who are we?

Our members consist of 37 GP practices which cover a population of over 355,000 patients. At NCGPA we are committed to combining the time honoured values of list-based general practice model with the benefits of working together collaboratively.

NCGPA is a Company Limited by shares, with its member practices being equal shareholders. The company is managed by a board of 8 elected representatives from member practices and three co-opted positions representing nursing, lay and non-principal GPs.

The day to day running of the company is through a Senior Management team comprising the Chair and Secretary along with the Company’s Chief Operating Officer and a dedicated office team. 

Equipped with an awareness of the changing issues affecting our members and their workforce, we strive to respond to their requirements by developing innovative solutions that are both practice-led and patient-focused. Head over to the NCGPA services page to find out more about some of the projects and services we have developed.

What is a GP Federation?

In the ever-changing and challenging general practice landscape, practices have been encouraged to work more closely together. Typically, this can be in loose networks or more formal arrangements with increasingly binding agreements between practices. In some parts of the country ‘Super Partnerships’ have been created holding a single contract. Nottingham city’s practices decided to form a GP Federation called Nottingham City General Practice Alliance (NCGPA).

When a practice is a member of a Federation, they continue to exist independently, but their membership allows them to operate collaboratively with other practices in their locality. This approach provides opportunities for economies of scale along with access to funding not available to individual practices. Practices, therefore, have more opportunities to access resources and to improve and continue to deliver high-quality care to their patient communities.


Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

At NCGPA we combine the experience, values and expertise of our member practices to improve outcomes for all by:

  • Providing high quality, person-centred, care
  • Addressing deprivation and acknowledging diversity in our population
  • Developing an effective and sustainable workforce for now and the future

Our Vision

NCGPA exists/aims to:

  • Support Nottingham owned General Practice to provide the best level of care to our urban population including our students and those who are disadvantaged
  • Lever funds to strengthen General Practice in the city by having a focus on NHS strategic priorities including inequalities, severe and multiple disadvantage (SMD), digitalisation and recovery from Covid
  • Deliver city-wide services that makes sure people can access the right care at a time and place that is best for them
  • Create a city-wide presence in city wide partnerships
  • Develop a range of services to support practices maximise efficiency in practice administration
  • Facilitate innovative ways for General Practice to enhance its service offer including the use of ARRS roles to create PCN multi-disciplinary teams
  • Develop workforce training pathways for GPs, nurses and other professions in order to improve the working life of people working in the city

Our Values


Our Partners

We work with other health and social care organisations across the system, and both Nottingham city and Nottinghamshire.

Our collaborative working helps support each other, and the patients of the Nottingham area.

Some of the partners we work with include:


                      Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board    Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Services                           

Nottingham University Hospitals        Sherwood Forest Hospitals        Nottinghamshire Healthcare

Nottingham City Care       East Midlands Ambulance Service      Smokefree      Public Health England

Primary Integrated Community Services      Nottingham City Council    Nottingham Community and Voluntary Services

Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub      Nottingham City Homes