Stub It! Open for business

April 27, 2020  |  by Nicola Conwill-Brittain

Tobacco smoking is known to be a risk factor for acute respiratory infections. The World Health Organisation has also identified it as a specific risk factor for Covid-19. In addition, we know that second-hand smoke increases the risk of acute respiratory infections. Therefore, official advice is for people to stop smoking tobacco to minimise the risks associated with the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The Stub It! Stop Smoking Service is running, remotely, and is open for new referrals. So, if you are thinking about quitting and live in Nottingham City, there is no better time. Please call your registered GP practice and ask for a referral to Stub It! Using a smoking cessation service can increase your chances of quitting by up to 20% and our friendly team are ready to help you.

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