Next stop, Health Street!

February 28, 2019  |  by Tessa Smith

We’re excited to introduce Health Street, our patient-facing video education programme. Each video has been created in-house by the team here at Nottingham City GP Alliance and all video topics and contributors have been sourced from our member practices throughout the city.

The aim of this video programme is simple, to educate patients on simple self-care measures as well as providing them with some background on how their GP surgery operates.

The videos have been created in conjunction with SignpostingHealth, a bespoke training programme and website created exclusively by us to help receptionists with signposting patients to sources of help. It was this connection with our signposting initiative that led us to the programme’s title: ‘Health Street’.

Mark Shipston, Practice Manager at Greendale Primary Care Centre in Nottingham, helped initiate the programme. He commented:

“For some time, demand for appointments has exceeded our capacity to provide them, and we feel that this is unlikely to change in the near future.  Patients, therefore, need to be supported to take responsibility for their own health, and it’s our hope that this new video programme will be a great platform to enable this to happen.”

Two videos have been launched to date. The first, entitled “why can’t I get a GP appointment?” features clinicians and managers from practice throughout the city answering this commonly asked question. They also share guidance on how patients, asking such a question, can help themselves and their GP practice in the future.

Video two features Bulwell GP and NCGPA Director, Dr Andy Foster, sharing practical advice on how to treat your symptoms if you’ve been struck down by a cold.

The videos have been made available to all 52 practices in Nottingham city, and they’ve also received guidance on how they can share them with their patients. To widen their reach, the videos are also being promoted online through social media. Our common cold video hit the big screen in January and is currently being played as an advertisement before all film screenings at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham city centre.

Ahead of launching the videos, NCGPA Chairman Dr Jonathan Harte commented:

“We want to support patients to take more responsibility for their health, which will not only help them manage their health concerns more effectively but reduce pressure on stretched services such as General Practice, A&E and Walk-in Centres.”

You can watch the videos over on our SignpostingHealth website by clicking here.

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