Meet the team

The multidisciplinary workforce here at Nottingham City GP Alliance is made up of a Senior Management Team, Board of Directors and Office Team.

Here you can find out who’s who:

Senior Management Team

  • Dr Jonathan Harte

    Dr Jonathan Harte


  • Dr Husein Mawji

    Dr Husein Mawji


  • Daniel Hammersley

    Daniel Hammersley


  • Emma Bravery

    Emma Bravery

    Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors

  • Dr Andy Foster

    Dr Andy Foster


  • Elizabeth Pain

    Elizabeth Pain


  • Karen Gabriel

    Karen Gabriel


  • Sukhi Ghattaora

    Sukhi Ghattaora


  • Adele Cresswell

    Adele Cresswell

    Co-opted Director (Lay Member)

  • Dr Jonathan Sherwood

    Dr Jonathan Sherwood

    Co-opted Director (GP)

  • Kirsten Taylor

    Kirsten Taylor

    Co-opted Director (Nursing)

Office Team

  • Abi Haywood

    Abi Haywood

    Office Manager

  • Nicola Conwill-Brittain

    Nicola Conwill-Brittain

    Marketing and Communications Officer

  • Louise Owen

    Louise Owen

    Executive Assistant

  • Diane Addy

    Diane Addy

    Head of Service Transformation

  • Susanne Croll

    Susanne Croll

    Project Manager

  • Ruby Egglenton

    Ruby Egglenton

    PCN Support Officer

  • Lynsey Smith

    Lynsey Smith

    Practice Liaison Manager

  • Kulvinder Hunjan

    Kulvinder Hunjan

    Data Manager

  • Joseph Solomon

    Joseph Solomon

    HR Officer

  • Molly O’Keefe

    Molly O’Keefe

    Digital Assistant

  • Gino Ragnoli

    Gino Ragnoli

    Finance Assistant

  • Will Krafts

    Will Krafts

    Premises Support Officer

  • Emma Eyers

    Emma Eyers

    Shared Service Support Officer (inc. PCNs)

  • Katherine Jones

    Katherine Jones

    Marketing Assistant

GP+ (Extended Hours Service) Team

  • Dr Nohaid Ilyas

    Dr Nohaid Ilyas

    Clinical Lead

  • Charlene Andrews

    Charlene Andrews

    Service Manager

  • Adam Wilkins

    Adam Wilkins

    Service Support Officer

  • Sallyanne Haywood

    Sallyanne Haywood

    Service Support Officer

  • Sanna Ahmed

    Sanna Ahmed

    Service Support Officer

  • Aman Hunjan

    Aman Hunjan

    Service Support Officer

  • Alysha Martin

    Alysha Martin

    Service Support Officer

  • Guy Liston

    Guy Liston

    Service Support Officer

  • Jessica Chapweteka

    Jessica Chapweteka

    Service Support Officer

  • Katie Leivers

    Katie Leivers

    Service Support Officer

  • Ankish Patel

    Ankish Patel

    Senior Clinical Pharmacist

  • Ayishah Khan

    Ayishah Khan

    PCN Support Administrator

Social Prescribing Link Workers

  • Carol Burrell

    Carol Burrell

    Social Prescribing Service Manager

  • Tina Paddon

    Tina Paddon

  • Wendy Learmonth

    Wendy Learmonth

  • Rajvinder Badwal

    Rajvinder Badwal

  • Debbie Butler

    Debbie Butler

  • Claire Toal

    Claire Toal

  • Helen Jones

    Helen Jones

  • Robert Mosley

    Robert Mosley

  • Charlotte Durose-Revil

    Charlotte Durose-Revil

  • Sophie Simkins

    Sophie Simkins

  • Tara Spackman

    Tara Spackman

  • Andrew Simpkins

    Andrew Simpkins

  • Lorca Russell

    Lorca Russell